User roles

Anonymous user

Anyone who can answer public forms. That requires a connection to the Internet.


A Guest can be granted access to read a form's answers. A Guest cannot create or edit forms.


The default user. An Editor can:

  • Create, edit and publish forms
  • Download answers in CSV (spread sheet) format
  • Delete the form and/or it's answers
  • Set expirary conditions
  • Share forms with other users. See sharing options
  • And other form management options

Read the Editor guide


Admins are Editors but can also:

  • Manage users and forms
  • Change site configuration

Admins cannot read the answers to other Editor's forms.

Read the Admin guide

Super admin

A Super admin is an Admin, but can also configure these extra Site parameters.

  • Public links
  • SMTP config A super admin can also change the Author of a form.

Read the Super admin guide