Form expiration


By default, you are notified when the form expires. Set to False if you do not want so.

Expiration conditions

You can set the form to expire when meeting any of these conditions.

  • Date / Time: choose the date when you want the form to expire. You can also set a time of day, even if this is not mandatory.
  • Number fields: form will expire when the sum of values between all answers to this field in this form reaches the specified value. For example, if you set expiration condition to value=5 on this number field, if you receive 2 answers that ask on this field for 2 and 3, the form will then expire.
    • This option shows up only if you enter a Number element into the form.
  • Maximum answers: the form will expire when it receives the amount of answers set here.

When the form has expired

Edit the text that users see when a form is already expired and can not be answered anymore. Click Edit text for this.