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These cronjobs are recommended but not required.

Command line

See docs/ for a complete list of avaiable commands.

Database backup

Use the postgres user's crontab config to dump the database.

sudo crontab -u postgres -e

/usr/bin/pg_dump <db_name> > /var/backups/liberaforms/backup.sql

Expire forms

Forms may expire by a date expiry condition. Run a cronjob at least once a day (shortly after midnight) to expire those forms.

/path/to/venv/bin/flask site expire-forms

Note that your server's timezone may differ from the timezone defined in the .env file.

Storage alerts

A maximum storage limit for your installation is defined in the .env file.

Site admintrators on your site can be alerted via email when this limit is exceeded.

/path/to/venv/bin/flask storage usage --send-email-alert