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Getting started

Your first form

Click on the "New form" icon, enter the new form's name, and choose a URL.

Screen shot of the new form page

When the new form is created you see the form's Configuration page.

Configuration page

Use this page to configure the publicly visible parts of your form.

  1. Introduction text
  2. Form fields
  3. Privacy statement
  4. Thank you text

Screen shot of the configuration page

Introduction text

Screen shot of the text editor

The editor may seem new at first but take a moment, it is a practical way to style HTML text. Use the 'Learn more' link.

Form fields

Add, move, and edit the fields to solicit data. See the Inline help for more info.

Screen shot of the form builder

Privacy statement

If your form solicits personal information, create a statement. The wizard can help write the legal text.

Screen shot of the wizard

When you have answered the questions, Copy the result and finish the statement configuration.

Screen shot of edit privacy statement

Preview the statement and save.

Screen shot of edit privacy statement

Form Preview

See the form as it is seen on the Internet.

Screen shot of the preview page

Use the "Edit" button to edit the different parts of the form, and style the form's look and feel.

Look and feel

This option lets you personalize the form with images and colors.

Publish the form

See the form's URL on the 'Options' page.

A form cannot be made public when:

  • You say that the form solicits personal data, but you have not added a privacy statement
  • The form has expired
  • An administrator has disabled the form


Publish, share, expire, delete, etc.

Use this page to manage your form.

Options are divided into categories, each explained in the Inline help.

Editing a public form

When you edit a public form's fields, the form is made temporarily unavailable. People will see a 'Come back soon' message.

You may add, edit and delete form fields.

You cannot edit form fields that have already been answered.

The answers that correspond to deleted form fields are themselves not deleted, and can be consulted on the 'Answers' page.


Use the Answers page to view, filter, edit, delete and export the answers

Screen shot of the answers page

Editing answers

You may edit answers, one field at a time.

Screen shot of the answers page

The people who answer your form can "Go back to the form and change the answers" when you enable that option.

All editions are recorded in the form's log. Follow the log entry link to see a complete history of the changes made to an answer.

Bookmarking answers

Click on the check box to bookmark answers for your convenience.

Screen shot of bookmarked answers

Deleting answers

When you have finished collecting data from the form, there are two good reasons to delete the answers.

  1. Data protection
    Unused copies of your user's data are strongly discouraged.

  2. Disk usage
    You have a limited assigned amount of disk space. Deleting form attachments saves space.


See graphs for:

  • A chonological history of each moment the form was answered
  • A graph for each numeric field
  • A graph for each multi-option field