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There are many ways to participate in the LiberaForms project.

Use it, spread the word

Use it

As more people use LiberaForms more improvements will be made. Support us by creating and sharing forms with LiberaForms!

Talk about it

Talking about the project is a good way to participate! Tell people, groups and entities so they know about it too.


If you have a blog and you want to dedicate some lines, we'll like to read your impressions. If you have written something already, let us know by email or on the Fediverse.

Social media

On social media you can help us up by using the hashtag #LiberaForms. If you want to mention us on the Fediverse, we're at

Improve the project


If you are a person familiar with software development and find some errors in the code or want to propose an improvement, we will be happy if you open an issue.


We love translations!
More documentation here if you would like to use LiberaForms in your language.

Get involved

Becoming involved in the project means contributing to its development, both in the infrastructure and in the content. If you want to get involved in LiberaForms, read the Social Contract and the Code of Conduct first.

Fund it

Contract a service

If after trying LiberaForms you would like to use it more frequently or customize LiberaForms under your own domain and manage your own users, take a look at the services we offer. If they don't fit your needs, write us an email and we can come to an arrangement.
Services of LiberaForms

You can also support us by making a single or recurring donation. Donations to LiberaForms are managed through OpenCollective.
Make a donation