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Privacy statements

A Privacy statement makes transparent and explicit the life cycle and treatment of your users' data.

If your form solicits personal data, you should include a statement in your form.

These are two different ways to add privacy statements to your forms.

Quick privacy statements

Statements can be created on the form's Configuration page.

The wizard will build a basic, functional statement for you. You may optionally add the statement to your library.

Statement library

Use the library to save statement templates to use with your forms.

If you have your own policy, perhaps written by a legal profesional, it is a good idea to make a template with it.

You may also find that you add the same statement again and again to your forms, or add the same statement with only small modifications.

For example, let's say:

  • You have a Newsletter. The policy is always the same, it never changes.
  • You organize events. The policy is the same but the name of the event changes.

The wizard

My organization

Tell your users who you are and how to contact you.

LiberaForms does not require you to add contact information to your statement, but you definitely should.